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no point crying over skimmed milk

goals are just dreams with deadlines

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* Sarah *
thanks for stopping by
this blog changes it's identity from post to post, much like me. i'm pushing 30 and sometimes I still feel like i'm finding my feet! as a result this blog is part personal journal, part record of my journey through 101 tasks in 1001 days, part scrapbook of things i want to share in a bit more depth than pinterest...and i'll be honest, a big part random crap.
although the content isn't set in stone, i can promise one thing. honesty. i wear my heart on my sleeve and i don't believe in pretending to be someone i'm not. sometimes in life this has opened me up to hurt or to mocking, but more than that it has found me a soul mate, beautiful children, true friends and contentment. so why would i be any different in my blog?
i don't say things for sensation, or to offend. sometimes there will be bad language, but it's always relative. i'm not into tmi or overshare, but i also don't filter myself. if that works for you, add me. if you want me to add you back, then let me get to know you. if we've got things in common i'm always willing to try a new journal to read. and don't be too shy to comment!

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